• Tracks conquest data for all of the servers
  • Provides widgets a guild can put on their own website
  • Allows you to see how your guild has handled past conquest weeks
  • Shows data over time
  • Uses an automated bot to automaticallly scan the data in the game using an OCR
  • October - November 2015 Update

    Due to Bioware announcing that the conquest system will be offline for about a month, I will take this chance to perform some much needed changes to SWTORConquest

    Why now?

    Since the conquest system will be disabled, no new data will be added to the website.

    I can create a complete backup of the datebase and take bigger risks since I can always go back to that backup if needed.

    Theoretically the website will also have less traffic, allowing me to worry less about major errors comming up.

    Plan overview

    I will be touching almost every part of SWTORConqeust.

    Major changes to the website and the scanner to improve performance.

    Improvements to how you can report and I can fix issues with guild names

    Scanner Changess

    Currently the scanner works like this:

  • I start the scanner, it loops through the servers, sending the data to the website.
  • I am required to make a manual edit to the code for it to grab the final scores (since the conqust name is no longer available)
  • The scanner does its own thing with no knowledge of the actual website
  • My plan for the server is a major change from how it currently operates

  • The website will control the scanner. It will tell it which servers to scan (in the case of scores being thrown out)
  • The website will also be able to tell it what the conquest name is for final scores, allowing that to happen automatically
  • I also plan on seperating out the actuall scanning part of the scanner. Instead of all of the image processing happening locally, it will send the images to a secondary application that will be built specifically for being an OCR. This allows me to get around many of the issues faced with this kind of development on Windows (the new app would be on a linux VM)
  • The new scanner will also be more resiliant to handle the quirks of SWTOR (which cause it to crash)
  • The website will be able to better alert me when the scanner stops working.
  • The Website

    I am still uncertain about everything I will add to the website. But this is what I know I will be adding:

  • The ability to create accounts on the website and login
  • The ability on the website to easily report duplicate guilds and score issues. When I go to fix them I can click a button to confirm instead of needing to manually edit the database.
  • Server specific play-by-play twitter accounts. I started work on this and many of you have found a few of the accounts for this. But I ran into an issue with twitter not allowing me to create anymore accounts (which I can't blame them when I was trying to create 17 twitter accounts)
  • Fixes to how conqured planets are calculated... the script is currently crashing and I have realized its actually a bigger issue with how the site is built
  • The ability to link guilds that have moved to another server
  • More

    This is basically a list of the things that I feel I have to add to the website during this time.

    If you have more requests please email me. I can't gaurantee I can add everything, but if there is anything you have been wanting on the site now would be the time to tell me. So I can figure out if it is risky enough that I should do it during this time.